Tutorials - Emanuele Serraino Photography

I'm available for private postprocessing instructions via Skype, feel free to drop me a line for more informations at emanuele.serraino@libero.it

"A very inspiring approach. 

I took a lesson with Emanuele because the characterisitic look of his photographs is very inspiring to me. They look dreamy and moody, yet very natural. I wanted to add something from this look in my own photographs. Emanuele has his own original workflow. It's obvious that Emanuele knows what he's doing and experienced a lot to come up with that workflow. It is well organized and non destructive. The first steps are very efficient to produce a great base image quickly, letting more time for the artistic touches. Emanuele also shares his experience with a lot of tips and tricks I've never seen before. Beyond the technical aspects, Emanuele explains his personal approach to photography and art. He explains why and how he's doing certain things to make the photograph expressive, unique and personal. He also explains why he's not doing other "trendy" things, and this is also very helpful. Understanding the way he works helped me to have a fresh look on my own work. Emanuele is also very friendly, helpful and paid particular attention to the points that were important to me. He is passionate and willing to share his knowledge. I would like to thank him for his help and the inspiration. Whether you want to learn a proper, non destructive workflow, or if you need advanced advices on post processing or Emanuele's approach to photography, it is worth to take a lesson!" _ Thibaut Froehly

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